Sunday, February 26, 2012

Going Strong

Hi Folks!

I've been busy writing my brand new series! You're going to love it! The new series is called The Pursuit Files with Radley Scott and the first book is called New Wicked Evil! Here is the synopsis:

......New Wicked Evil: The Pursuit Files with Radley Scott...

...Detective Radley Scott knows who she is...or at least she thought she did. She sets out to find others like herself, but somehow paranormal activity seems to find her when she's not looking. Her Biblical History leads her around the globe, and the struggle between her faith and evildoers sends her on a whirlwind landslide.
Follow this new Heroine as the Old Testament clashes with the New Wicked Evil roaming the earth...

I haven't forgotten you Embellish Saga fans! The fourth installment of the Embellish Saga will be in your hands in August 2012.


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