Sunday, November 22, 2009

More about me and what I like

I've appreciated all of the feedback that I have received about Embellish. Really I have. The thing you will learn about me is that I approach writing in the same way I like to have a story narrated to me, and that is with characters and language that are genuine and sincere.

I was blessed to have known some of the greatest story narrators in my lifetime. Heck, they were my relatives. These narrators were so great at the art of storytelling, that you were either in need of an electric blanket for your rib cage from laughing so hard or you needed an entire box of tissue to dry your eyes.

Yes, many of us are able to write according to standard proper English, the way a dictionary says to, the way a thesaurus says to, or any other way that Writing Software might dictate to us. The thing about that is, we don't necessarily speak to each other that way nor do we have thought patterns in that manner, so isn't it hypocritical to judge all writing that way? I mean, if we all wrote according to the digital software that's available, the majority of the paranormal writing styles would appear the same. None of the stories would be fresh or unique.

3 B West is another project I've completed, and will be published next month. Again, I did not set out to write an APA styled story, but I solemnly promise to proofread and edit the text thoroughly. If I'd wanted a perfectly written dissertation, I would have accepted an invitation to pursue a Doctorate degree.

We're all prone to mistakes and goodness knows I'm prone to making mistakes everyday. My goal in mind will always be to entertain, thrill, and creep you out.

When I pick up a book from my favorite genre, I want it to carry me deep into the story. I want to know the characters so well that I can either consider them as neighbors, family members, or deadly enemies. Those are the books I like to keep on my shelf.

When I read a story, I critique it according to how deeply it made me explore my emotions. Did it make me cry? Was I angry? Did I laugh? Was I so scared I had to sleep with the lights on? Those of you that enjoyed Embellish, I plan to keep you either scared as heck, fighting mad, or at the drugstore purchasing boxes of tissue.

It's been said that if you don't write according to proper English, you will be considered untrustworthy, ignorant, or worse totally illiterate. I don't believe this to be true. What do you think?

Leave a few comments for me.


  1. If everyone wrote according to proper English we would have no Jane Austen, no Shakespeare, no Dostoevsky, all of which are revered and studied in classes across the world. Each of these brilliant authors forged their own path, broke the mold of not only thinking, but the language in which they expressed it. The world of fiction is made up of imagination and the ability to write according to thought, not predetermined pretense and guidelines. If that were the case our reading experiences would be lessened to hours of dissertations and biographies. The beauty of the written word is that the mold is MADE to be broken, to challenge standards and guidelines. The beauty of the written word is that it relies solely on a person with their pen and their paper, jotting down their perceptions and their realities.

  2. That was brilliantly expressed Kindle. I know there are several other authors out there that feel just as strongly as you do. Thank you ma'am. :)